Serving as a Standard of Excellence.

Why raise funds with Ada Valley Food for Funds?

We offer products that sell themselves. We have provided over 400 organizations in Michigan withChildren quality food items for fund raising during the past 20 years. As a small, family owned business, we recognize what organizations expect and deserve when embarking on a fundraising experience. We offer excellent and friendly local service, quality products that are useful to everyone and simple setup any volunteer can organize.

What variety is offered?

Five different sales are offered: Gourmet Meat SaleQuality Food SalePizza & Sub SaleSweet Sale. Check out our product lists for selections available to you for each sale. We periodically update our product lists, adding new items for a better variety of sales and selections.

How much profit can we make?

Our suggested profit level is approximately $3-5 per box, but you may determine your own profit level. Fundrasing Goal
Meat sale example: Anytown High School Band has 100 members 
  Each member sells 10 boxes 
  100 members x 10 boxes/each = 1,000 boxes 
  1,000 boxes x $5 = $5,000 profit
  $5,000 x three sales per year = $15,000 profit total

How do we obtain our order blanks?

We provide as many color sales/order blanks as needed, custom made for your organization, at no additional cost. The sales/order blanks include your name, delivery date, and delivery time. If you have questions or would like to order sheets please call (616) 676-0767 Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm EST.

How do we pay?

No pre-payment is required by you. Customers can pay when they place their orders or upon delivery.

When will our order be delivered?

Delivery is made when and where you specify (except Sundays). The person who will deliver the product is cheerful, organized, and will stay to make sure that the product is properly distributed. (Note: There is a $20 delivery charge for orders under $500).

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