Serving as a Standard of Excellence

Hello! Thanks for taking a minute to learn about our company, and us.  Our father, Gerrit, has always taught us to work together to get a job done. That is why we have continued together for the last 28 years in the ownership of Ada Valley Gourmet Foods, a company that Gerrit started in 1961. We know we can accomplish more together as a team than we can if we are divided and alone. We bring this spirit to the table as we work with each of our customers.

Additionally, we recognize that integrity is the most important thing that we can achieve in business. Integrity builds the best foundation for the future. Integrity cements our relationships and gives us a place in the business world and in our community. From our beginnings until today, integrity has been the cornerstone of our business relationships.

Here is the how we expect to prove our commitment to our customers:

  1. Our meats are top-notch products. They are guaranteed to meet each of our customer's highest expectations. They are carefully handled and processed in our own USDA inspected processing facility. We continue to meet or exceed all of the most recent food safety initiatives recommended by the federal government. At no time will the safety and quality of our products be compromised.

  2. The service we provide to each of our customers is our number one priority. We are committed to bringing our top-notch products to you in the way and at the time that suits you the best. We are continuing to look for ways to serve each of our customers beyond their expectations.

That's it. Genuine quality and service are the results of our commitment. Thanks for taking the time to review our information and our company.


Gerrit Rozeboom, President

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